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The New Kind of Hotel

Most of the hotels today are, more or less, similar looking, boxy buildings with experience centred on identical look and feel. The facilities provided are the same hence they provide no unique experience. We, however, feel that the entire hospitality industry has this immense opportunity, and even a responsibility, of providing new experiences to their customers.

We understand that people want to be comfortable, yes, but they also want to feel involved, invited, and be somewhere relaxing. When we ask ourselves about such an environment, we believe it is only around nature that we find our escape. A hotel shouldn’t exist only to provide you with a comfortable stay. Hotels should also be about making your stay memorable and your experience wonderful.

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Renest Gurugram



Welcome to Renest Gurugram,

a 4-star business hotel

located in Gurgaon.



Renest River Country Resort Manali



Renest Manali is a new luxury

resort in Manali.

Located off the bustling Mall road,

the resort overlooks the Beas river

amidst pine and cedar,

offering you a grand getaway

into the breezing valleys of

The Himalayas.


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Facade of Renest Shirdi

Renest Shirdi

Renest Shirdi is a peaceful and luxurious abode

in the temple town of Shirdi. Our hotel offers

the serene

ambience that pilgrims search for when

they visit this town. Its location being

only 700 meters away from the abode of 'Shri

Sai Baba' also makes it an ideal stay choice of

stay in Shirdi. 

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Renest is Built with Nature and Sustainability in Mind

Our desire for working with nature has led us to create a 4N concept. Each N represents a unique principle that we have incorporated into our services and spaces, which have all been designed keeping sustainability in mind. Our 4N concept features Nature, Natural Light, Natural Air, and usage of Natural Materials. It is by design that we’re using skylights, glazings in external facades, and trellis for the lights and shadows to ensure that we minimise our use of artificial lighting.



Plant-scape, hanging plants,

pots and groves in our

surroundings help us bring

nature inside the hotel.


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Use of skylights, use of glazing

in external facade, and use of trellis

for the light and shadow drama.


As a hotel, we realise that we have the responsibility of preserving and protecting our environment. We believe that the industry should move towards sustainable practices, and the best way to start would be to go green.