Sustainable Luxury by Renest

The newly launched Boutique Hotel chain - Renest Hotels and Resorts has been consistent with its dedication towards environmental sustainability since day 1 of its opening back in 2019. The entire concept of the Renest is based on the amalgamation of nature with comfort. From making use of soap dispensers in their washrooms, to save on massive amounts of plastic otherwise utilized in soap, bodywash and shampoo bottles, to each and every amenity of the hotel including sewing, shaving & women’s kit all made with recycled paper, the hotel chain is making endeavours to be as sustainable as possible.

Taking it a step further, the hotel chain has also started a #PlantwithRenest initiative in which guests get to sow plants using seeds provided by the hotel itself. These seeds are presented in no ordinary manner but they are attached at the back of every pencil and pen used in the hotel. Ranging from Fern, Pine , Marigold etc the guests may end up with a variety of options in hand.

Recycle reuse and reduce

Renest is also focusing on the inclusion of organic farming in most of its properties. The practice is currently active in Shirdi but they Hotel Chain has plans to initiate the same in other properties too.

Speaking to the Executive Director-Renest Hotels & Resorts- Mr. Rahul Rai, about their future plans for Renest – “As we are coming up with new properties, we trying to incorporate as many green practices as we can. By integrating these practices in our portfolio, we want to provide hospitality which is sustainable , responsible & long term both for our guests and the environment” .